Healing, rehabilitation and wellness program in Kundawell Jurmala Welness center at Jurmala hospital (11.05.18 - 18.05.18)

 Diagnosis and treatment by methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qigong, and Chinese Image Therapy.

 Our 8 day program includes:

  • Diagnosis and consultations by doctors of Kundawell Jurmala center prior to starting the course and afterwards.
  • 11 visits to a Chinese Image Therapy specialist;
  • 1 dietology lecture;
  • 1 personalized consultation by nutritionist (Guna Bilande)
  • 1 lectures by yoga teacher about the importance of posture, correct breathing, and nutrition in maintaining health (Ineta ─Âirse)
  • Zhong Yuan Qigong 1th level seminar and   Chinese Image therapy seminar (Martin Jura)
  • Therapeutic Movement Therapy (Dr Inese Rusele)

Program fee:

  •  According to individual quote after application form receiving.

 The program do not includes:

  • Transportation to the location of the course, visa, lodging. Breakfast and dinner can be provided by hotel.
  • Additional consultations and therapy can be provided by various specialists (osteopath, algologist, doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, internal medicine, and pediatrics).
  • For your comfort, in-patient services can be provided during the course at Jurmala Hospital.

Detailed information about the program is available by contacting us by phone or email!
Please complete the application form for admission to the healing, rehabilitation and wellness program (11.05.18.- 18.05.18) at Kundawell Jurmala Wellness center, Jurmala Hospital

Looking forward to meeting you in Jurmala!  

Welcome to the Kundawell Jurmala Wellness center!

Kundawell Jurmala Medical Center is established in collaboration with Jurmala Hospital as branch of Beijing  Medical Research Kundawell Institute, established by Professor Xu Mingtang in 2008. Jurmala is famous resort town in Latvia (EU). Our first health program will start in March 2018. 

The new Kundawell center will be affiliated with the Jurmala hospital that is already providing the services of osteopathy and pain specialists since 2016. The treatment options for our patients will be further expanded by offering healing and wellness education in the tradition of Beijing Kundawell institute.

The goal of Kundawell Jurmala Wellness Center is to combine medical treatment with proactive prophylaxis and patient education. By using a holistic approach, we will focus both on the skills needed to treat patients, as well as the daily health maintenance habits of our patients. With the help of our experienced professionals, we will create personalized lifestyle programs to bring back your vitality, joy, and energy.