The overall mission of Kundawell Jurmala Medical Center is to research the complementary potential of Eastern and Western medical traditions and to contribute to the development of wellness skills and disease prevention.

 The current health system of industrialized countries can be characterized by the following observations:

 1. Despite the tremendous progress of Western medicine and the millenia of experience accumulated by Chinese medicine, we are still unable to control many of the diseases caused by the modern lifestyle;

 2. We are delighted with the holistic approach to the treatment of diseases in Chinese medicine, but at the same time we are disappointed about the failure to fully accept these methods in the Western countries;

 3. We follow the progress of Western medicine, but at the same time we are aware about the side effects associated with the modern methods of medical treatment;

 4. It is obvious to us that healthcare would benefit from integration of the latest medical achievements and the millennia of experience recorded by the traditions of Chinese medicine.

It is precisely for these reasons that the Kundawell Jurmala Medical Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese Image Medicine, and Zhong Yuan Qigong put forward the following tasks:

 1. To combine the Eastern and Western medical doctrines - ancient and modern knowledge into an effective system for health maintenance and disease treatment.

 2. To conduct research into the effectiveness of combining different methods.

 3. To promote international medical cooperation.

 4. To support the exchange of experience in the form of various forums, seminars, and conferences.

 5. To organize patient education and activities for healthy lifestyle.